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Navigation: Behind the Collection


Design Inspiration &  Quilt History:

In this collection I have used 2 triangle shapes that represent Navigation. The smaller triangle represents the sail of a sailboat. Used to guide a boat on it's coarse to the desired destination. The larger triangle paired in sets of 2 to represent the historical quilt block, the Flying Geese. This block design was used during the Underground Railroad to signal a safe haven for those who escaped slavery on their way to the North and to freedom.

What we believe will determines our results. As mentioned in the 50/50 blog post our brains look for evidence for what we believe. So if you can cultivate your thoughts you can create beliefs that lead to your desired outcome.

Here is my story:

I walked into the building from the side entrance. Following others inside. I didn't realize I was supposed to use the front door when I arrived for my interview. I had recently graduate with my B.A. and I wanted a job where I could put my Social Sciences degree to good use. Eventually, I found the reception desk and said I was there for an interview. They led me into an office where two women were waiting.

When the interview was over they told me they would be in touch. I got my things and left the office. It was in that moment that I knew the job wasn't the right fit for me. I felt it. Like I was out of alignment in that space. 

A couple weeks later they phoned and mentioned that the position I applied for was filled. But, another position was available. In spite of my gut instinct I took it. And so it went... For 9 years I worked in a job that was good and meaningful, but not good for me. I knew it. Everyday I knew it. But I stayed.

Why Stay?

Everyone's reasons are different for staying. For me, it was fear. Fear that the old saying "The grass isn't always greener on the other side" was going to be true for me. Fear that I wouldn't be able to find a fulfilling job, because potential employers wouldn't value me or my work. Fear that I wasn't good enough. So I settled for "enough". And built on the belief that this career path was as good as it was going to get for me.

Can you relate?

Have you ever found yourself choosing the safe option because you didn't believe you were good enough or deserving of the life you really wanted?

What if it was possible to choose what we believe? And what if it was possible to cultivate the results we wanted for our lives by managing our thoughts.

Yesterday my partner and I went for a walk and started to think about some wildly successful people, and how most of them at some point went bankrupt. They chose to look at the situation as a learning experience and kept going. Yes, they had to start from the bottom again. But, this time wiser.

It takes powerful belief to come back from bankruptcy. Their belief kept them creative, resilient, and determined. Sometimes failure can be more powerful than instant success. The road has ease and bumps no matter where it takes you.  Life is always 50/50. The grass may be greener on the other side, but their water bill tells the full story.


1. Making fear-based decisions about whether to take action or not to take action leads to will lead us down a path that is not aligned with our desires.

2. Listen to your gut. Your gut will guide you to an aligned life.

3. Rethink Fear. It is just an emotion. It is an indication that there are thoughts under the surface that need our attention.



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