Life 50/50

Life 50/50


January's Collection is a celebration of the reality that life being 50% Delightful and 50% Difficult. While we are facing challenges we are simultaneously experiencing the good stuff. Life is 50/50.

The glass is half full

Our brain will look for evidence that confirms what we already believe. So if we believe life is full of hard times then that is the evidence we will find. The opposite is also true. Wouldn't it be better to train your brain to look for the good? A "glass is half full " mindset has it's perks for sure. But it becomes a problem when we are afraid of facing the hard stuff, and avoid what scares us like an ostrich burying it's head in the sand. Let's all say it together... Avoidance doesn't make our problems go away. In fact it disrupts the resolution process and causes our issues to fester and get worse.

But what if...

But what if we could hold space for both the Delightful and Difficult? What would that look like? 

50/50 Collection will be a celebration of both. It will show how both can coexist and bring balance to life. Difficulty shapes us as much as Delight. When we celebrate this relationship it helps us to accept the highs and lows with less fear. This is the foundation for Self Awareness. 

50/50 a Poem

50 percent of the time we hold Delight. 
And 50 we Fright.
Life presents both in a dance. 
Eb. Flow. Eb. Flow. We flow.
Stronger. Wiser. We grow.
Embracing the safety of a space to hold both.
In one hand. 
One mind.
One heart.
Inside Me.
Each thought, each feeling is safe right here. 

The Collection

This Collection Includes:

  • Geo Cushions
  • Quilted Lumbar Cushion
  • Quilted Wallhanging
  • Digital Art Downloads

For this collection I have chosen the Reflection and the Absorption of light to reflect the contrast of Difficulty and Delight. Celebrating how they both coexist in the same space.

The Textile Collection: From One, Many

For the Geo Cushions and the Wallhanging I have chosen to explore the creative perimeters within one block design. Creating different expressions of the one original block. Each piece will be equally black and white, with an individual feel to each design. Reminding us that depending on our perspective we can feel different about the same situation.



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