Together Again

Together Again

Dionne and I with collection.


The Holiday Season is here! That means that after a long awaited time apart we will finally get to gather with friends and family to celebrate the Holidays (fingers crossed). I am naturally an introvert who prefers to hibernate than go to social events. But, even for me it has been far too long and I am ready to celebrate life together. 

the kiddos


Belonging is a fundamental human need. Relationships are such an important part of our lives. We need each other. I find when I have a safe community my brain works better, and my overall mental and emotional health improves. The opposite is also true. When I don't have a safe community my anxiety is higher and my physical, mental and emotional health all suffer. Cultivating a support system that accepts you as you are is a life hack that can change how you show up.


Our life partners hanging out


Part of living the life we really want is being able to share it with others. Because there is nothing on this earth more sacred than loving and being loved in return.

So, if we are all fortunate to safely gather this Holiday Season let's do it with a bang!! Let's decorate everything, play all the games, light up the fireplace, put up all the lights, eat all the good food, and laugh until our bellies ache. Let's Celebrate!!!



Holiday 2021 Pink

The shapes in the Holiday 2021 Collection reflects lines of the Christmas Tree, Holiday Sweater, and Sparkling Lights. The design is energized with more lines and more movement. Cultivating a Celebration Vibe. Let's celebrate the goodness of being together this Holiday Season.

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Love this! The whole concept and meaning. It truly does make me smile and want to be surrounded in all of the things.

Christin Gilbert

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