Stillness: Lessons from My Body

Stillness: Lessons from My Body

Hi friend,

I am writing this blog post as a letter because this one is so close to my heart. Earlier this month I had a flare-up of anxiety and overwhelm that affected me physiologically. For several days I had a racing heart, emotional overwhelm, trouble sleeping, etc. At the end of last month, my doctor modified my thyroid medication. So I thought that was the cause. But, after doing bloodwork it was clear that it wasn't. 

I believe it was a combination things including trying to do a collection release every month while trying to balance the other aspects of running a business, living life, and managing my health. It was all a lot. Caring for my mental and physical health feels like a full-time job by itself. Neglecting self-care over the years was a contributing factor to my current circumstance. I didn't listen to my body. I pushed it too hard. I learned to ignore it to meet the expectations that I (and others) had for me.  

My self-care starts with my thoughts. I had to take the time to think about how I Think. I had to check in with my values and priorities, and figure out where I fell into that mix. I realize that I often put my goals above myself. It seems counterproductive to set goals to better your life at the expense of that very life. But that was my practice. Now I am learning to retrain my brain and to listen to the wisdom of my body. So, I have decided to pause the Self-Awareness series from July-Sept. Wrapping it up with one final collection in October. 

Stillness Collection represents what brings me Joy. This collection is full of colour, texture, and shape. I have used negative space to create both breath and focus. I pulled out an old quilt design and made a few modifications to it for the quilt in this collection. That is right friends... This collection includes a THROW QUILT!!!! It is simple, catches the eye, and reminds us that when we clear out the clutter we can see what matters most.


But it's Summer!!! Why do we need a quilt now?

Quilts are perfect for Spring-Summer nights. They are lightweight compared to a duvet, and breathable because they are made with natural fabrics. Personally, I use quilts year-round. I layer them in winter, which is lovely because it feels like a weighted blanket. They are great on the couch, a window seat, reading nook, bed, the cabin, on a road trip, or just about anywhere you want to snuggle up and relax.


The collection will be available on June 24 for our Email Subscriber Community. June 25-30 is the official launch. Then it will retire from the online sphere.

 Want to join our community? Sign up here.


Take care friend. See you then!!!



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