Interconnected - Feb 2022

Interconnected - Feb 2022

Hello friends. I was going to skip the blog post this month, because this month has been hectic. But I really wanted you know the heart of this collection, and what inspired me. So, let's dive in!


One of the foundational concepts that I have learned during coaching is call the Model. The Model was created by Brooke Castillo from the Life Launch School. The Model is a tool that helps you cultivate the results you want in life by choosing powerful thoughts.

Here is the formula:

Circumstance facts of the situation
Thoughts about the circumstance
Emotion created by our thought
Action inspired by our emotion

I have chosen 5 different colours for the Interconnected collection. The tones represent the 5 components of the Model and the power of humanity. I chose to go with a sed palette to parallel humanity coming together to Create the Results in the World that we collectively want, abundant life for all. We have the capacity to cultivate love, purpose, and hope for ourselves and each other.

Here is my hope...

I want the pieces that you put in your home to reflect your values and what matters to you the most. I speak through the pieces I create and hope they can be a monument that helps you tell your story. This collection represents the life and the world I hope we can build together. 

From a heart of hope,


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