How to Make Gift Tags

How to Make Gift Tags

It's that time of year again! I love the holiday season. I love the music, food, snow, smells, and all the holiday things. Our holiday collection, Festive 2022, launches on November 24. I created some gift tags for the collection in a digital download file that we are giving away for *FREE* to our email subscribers!

If you would like our free gift tags but are not a subscriber yet (and you totally should be!) you can signup here (scroll to the bottom of the page). Choose the style of gift tags you want then email us at One free download per customer. No subscription or purchase is necessary. Offer available until Dec 11, 2022.   

If you are savvy with the computer and would like to create your own personalized gift tags then you came to the right place. Below are instructions on how to get started...



1. Choose your graphic. You might want to create your own design or use an image from your photo grid. The options are limitless here, so get creative.

2. Open up a standard business card document template. I recommend choosing a format that provides cut lines. This will help you with the layout process, and cutting in the future. I deleted all the data from the template so I would have a clean slate to work with. 

3. Resize your graphic to fit the dimension of the template. Make sure there is a border around the graphic to leave space for cutting.


4. Add a background for your text. This will make it easier to see who the gift is "To" and "From". 


5. Create a text box. Choose a font that compliments the graphic. Don't be afraid to try a fun font you don't usually use. Add the text box to the design.


6. It's time to duplicate each element of your design. Make sure that everything is aligned properly with the template layout.



7. Time to print. You can either print it out at home on the paper of your choice or take it to a local print shop and have it professionally printed.

8. Finally it's time wrap the gifts and use your beautiful personalized labels.


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