Be The Rain

Be The Rain



When I first saw these colours on my design table I was immediately transport to a desert. I could feel the dryness of the land, the desperation of the people. Everything was waiting for the rain. But there were no clouds in sight.

I could feel the hopelessness and overwhelm like a weighted blanket covering everything in sight. But far off there were clouds forming. 

Does life ever feel that way for you? I know it does for me. Sometimes I get lost in the demands of being a small business owner, friend, partner, family member. There are so many hats that we wear, and sometimes we need to take them all off and reconnect with ourselves. But the fear of everything falling apart usually wins. What I have learned over the past year is that if I don't care well for myself then everything does fall apart regardless. 

I am the rain clouds for my desert. It is up to me to care for myself so that I can do all the things. There is no guilt or shame in self care. For me it looks like setting boundaries for my life with care as the top priority. When I do that, there is ease and everything else seems to work better. I work faster. I am more creative. And so much happier. 

I hope this collection reminds you of the importance of being "your rain clouds". The hope that we are looking for is in our hands. We have the power and privilege to build the life we want, and become who we choose in the process. Sure we don’t have control over everything, be we do have control over how we show up.

When we live from abundance we live in expectation regardless of our current circumstances. 



Desert Rain

Standing in the void.

In view of lack. 

Out of view, the clouds 



Lost in routine. 

One foot

Second follows. 


Hope is bleeding

But, out of earshot

Rhythm rain.   



Out of touch with the child that hoped

To become… something… inspired. 


Car, bus, bike, or step to work. 

Lost in the pulse. 



But then…

A cool slow breeze 

Temperature drops 

A shift  


Do you smell Rain? 

Can you see Clouds? 

They are full of Hope

And it’s about to pour




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