Atmosphere - The first thought in design

Atmosphere - The first thought in design


First things first, before you start scrolling Pinterest to see all the beautiful designed spaces to get inspiration for your space, I want you to consider one thing, Atmosphere. 


Start with Atmosphere

Fundamentally design is meant to create feeling as well as function. So instead of checking what other people have done, check-in with yourself. Think about how you want to use the space and how you want to feel when you are in it.

Different rooms serve different purposes. Let's talk first about places where we create. Maybe you love taking time to put on your makeup, or you love cooking new recipes or even inventing our own. So when you are considering the design for creative spaces remember that you want to feel inspired.


Maybe you want to choose a clean white as your backdrop, then add interesting pieces and pops of colour. Texture is a secret power house in design. It pulls you in and invites you to engage with it. This design components and others will help you get in a creative headspace and help you think outside of the box.

Heavy on Cozy

Maybe you work long hours and you need your bedroom to be heavy on the "cozy". Creating an atmosphere that is rich and warm. You might want to add a deep warm colour to the walls. Some velvet accents. Layers of textures, and a primarily monochromatic colour palette. Think deep-moody-cozy. 


Summary: You have to consider the space, the function, but most importantly how you want to feel.



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